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Electric Needle Room: Safe, Effective, and Fun [Album Review]

Electric Needle Room

Over in the eastern region of Nebraska, obscurity has risen and is growing faster than the corn surrounding Omaha. Oberst is God, not Cobain. Saddle Creek, not Sub Pop, infatuates it’s residents. Yes, this the Midwest haven as well as (one of) the birthplace(s) of indie rock (minus King Elliot). And Electric Needle Room‘s Safe, Effective, and Fun embodies some of that eternal spirit from the land locked village full of talent they call home.

But, don’t think these guys lack originality and their own perpetual bliss. Their sometimes off key and out of tune style is one that brings out their own fun-filled originality that differs them from their pain-riddled counterparts. The track “If You’re Happy, I’m Happy” (which has a strange Peanuts feel) is a true feel good track is is sure to make you smile. And “Love Is Not About Teeth” is a good track, but don’t take it so damn serious that you lose sight of the abundance of fun it can create. Remember, these guys make happy songs!

Brothers Matt and Steven Beat are geniuses in their own right. It is very inspiring to think that this is their fourth album, and they still continue to create only what they choose. Their integrity towards their work is genuine in itself and enough to deem them a spectacular duo. Safe, Effective, and Fun may not catch the bright eyes (hey-O!) but, it is a helluva production and the Brothers Grin should be very proud.

Electric Needle Room: Farther [mp3]
[audio:090828-electric_needle_room-farther.mp3|titles=Farther|artists=Electric Needle Room]

Electric Needle Room: Henry Poole Is Here [mp3]
[audio:090828-electric_needle_room-henry_poole_is_here.mp3|titles=Henry Poole Is Here|artists=Electric Needle Room]

Safe, Effective And Fun by Electric Needle Room

Series II Records [CD, 2009]

1. Farther
2. Love Is Not About Teeth
3. If You’re Happy, I’m Happy
4. Midwestern City
5. Let’s Make Fun Of Everybody
6. Oleaver’s Pub Won’t Let Us Play There Anymore
7. If It Weren’t For Time, I’d Have Some
8. One Good Friend
9. Henry Poole Is Here
10. Here’s What I Have To Say About Tomatoes
11. You Should Floss!
12. We Might As Well Live A Little Bit Before We Die

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