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Johan Cederberg: Selected Recordings 2004-2006

Johan Cederberg

Stockholm, Sweden’s Johan Cederberg crafts mellow electro-pop melodies. The majority of songs, like “Near – On” and “The Shape Of Things To Come”, are simply good pop tunes, while others delve into a lo-fi experimentation, as found in “Moonmonths”. Both styles feature clever cuts and loops throughout complex and intricate piecing together of tracks for songs that have extensive breadth.

Johan Cederberg

There’s a clever brilliance in the lo-fi electro-nature of Johan Cederberg; songs like “Are You Awake?”, “Explosions” and “The Room” are hypnotic, sending the listener into a meditative pop state. The mysteriously untitled “Track 10” follows many songs off Selected Recordings with catchy lyrics and vocal patterns. Especially noteworthy on this track is Cederberg’s guitar-work.

Johan Cederberg is occasionally joined by other musicians. Josefine Jinder lends vocal talent to “The Shape Of Things To Come” and “Drop” while Victor Holmberg does the same on the mysteriously untitled “Track 10”. All these songs can be found on Cederberg’s album Selected Recordings 2004-2006, out now on Series II Records.

Selected Recordings by Johan Cederberg

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