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Chuck Morgan: This Spring Is [Video]


“This Spring Is” by Gothenburg’s Chuck Morgan is a simple acoustic song with hidden complexities. Morgan is good at creating plain pop melodies and weaving in various experimental pop elements behind the common singer/songwriter acoustic plus vocals make-up. Locked on a balcony, this video finds Morgan mulling over a favorite season. The cinematography is a play on focus and the purposeful instability in the camera merely heightens the video’s creativity.

Morgan’s music is fun and interesting. It fits well with the Series II Records collection of artists, alongside fellow Swedish artists like Tafra and Klas. The song comes from his latest album, Patchwork, available from Series II.

Chuck Morgan: This Spring Is [mp3]
[audio:091211-chuck_morgan-this_spring_is.mp3|titles=This Spring Is|artists=Chuck Morgan]

Chuck Morgan: It Is About Time [mp3]
[audio:091211-chuck_morgan_it_is_about_time.mp3|titles=It Is About Time|artists=Chuck Morgan]

Chuck Morgan – This spring is from iCent on Vimeo.

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