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Allt Är Musik: Skapelseberättelsen [Album Review]

Allt Är Musik

Allt Är Musik is somewhat of a rarity in that Andreas Sjögren, the primary force behind Allt Är Musik, sings in his native tongue. The typical Swedish artist tends to sing in English. On Skapelseberättelsen, Allt Är Musik creates lo-fi pop tunes that blend acoustic guitars with drone-ridden synths, the combination of which is quite peaceful. Read More »Allt Är Musik: Skapelseberättelsen [Album Review]

Pigeon Lane How Sweet How Kind Album Cover

Pigeon Lane: How Sweet, How Kind… [Album Review]

The first time I heard Pigeon Lane, I thought it was a new project by Pelle Carlberg. But it quickly dawned on me that it indeed was not — Pigeon Lane’s sound is filled with similar amounts of pop, but the vocals (the trait most like Carlberg) are less humorous, less professional. Compared to Carlberg, Pigeon Lane fits a lower-fi profile. This suits them well; in a way, this style is comparable to early Starlet or early Acid House Kings.

Read More »Pigeon Lane: How Sweet, How Kind… [Album Review]

Double Dan: At Dawn [3″ CD Single Review]

Double Dan

The vocal powers behind Double Dan may sound familiar; if they do, massive props are in store. Double Dan’s Malmö origins and Swedish back-story include an impressive incestuous history of great Scandinavian pop groups. Their history trails through The Ambassadeurs, Sambassadeur. Consisting of Dan Eriksson (also of Starlet, September, and occassionally of Club 8), Dan Lindgren (from Alexis and September), and Joakim Ödlund (of Poprace, Starlet, and Acid House Kings fame), Double Dan’s music finds most similarity to Ödlund’s Poprace.

Read More »Double Dan: At Dawn [3″ CD Single Review]

Robert Church And The Holy Community: Wizard On Fire [3″ CD Single Review]

Bikes in the Farmhouse

In Wizard On Fire, Robert Church comes across as the twee stepbrother of The Radio Dept. “Old Friend” has that overly distorted slash mashed with reverb sound of the much loved Lesser Matters, but the fuzziness lacks the production that kept The Radio Dept. from being slapped with the lo-fi label. But that label works well here; it fits Robert Church & The Holy Community. For the most part, Wizard On Fire is decidedly more pop friendly than Le Rouge, Robert Church And The Holy Community’s last Series II release. It has more flare, more flame, more verbosity.

Read More »Robert Church And The Holy Community: Wizard On Fire [3″ CD Single Review]

Charlie Big Time: The Tall Storeys Of…

Charlie Big Time

Hinting strongly of Sarah Records and the twee movement, Charlie Big Time can easily be likened to everyone from greats like The Field Mice and Lovejoy, to more modern artists like Palomar and Tender Trap. And, of course, the king of all twee-based influences: The Smiths. There is no denying the influence of The Smiths here, both the songwriting and vocal styling have Moz written all over “Love Is A Franchise”. Read More »Charlie Big Time: The Tall Storeys Of…

Desmond Reed: The Window Shopping EP [3″ CD Single Review]

Desmond Reed

Desmond Reed is a mystery. The clues are few. It’s a he, he resides in Massachusetts, and he shares his name with a USC Trojan football player. So I guess it’s a little surprising that his music is not a mystery. The messages are clear and honest and simple and, at times, a little strange. At least that’s what can be gathered off his three-song, three-inch CD-R out now on Susy Records, The Window Shopping EP. Read More »Desmond Reed: The Window Shopping EP [3″ CD Single Review]

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