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Double Dan: At Dawn [3″ CD Single Review]

Double Dan

The vocal powers behind Double Dan may sound familiar; if they do, massive props are in store. Double Dan’s Malmö origins and Swedish back-story include an impressive incestuous history of great Scandinavian pop groups. Their history trails through The Ambassadeurs, Sambassadeur. Consisting of Dan Eriksson (also of Starlet, September, and occassionally of Club 8), Dan Lindgren (from Alexis and September), and Joakim Ödlund (of Poprace, Starlet, and Acid House Kings fame), Double Dan’s music finds most similarity to Ödlund’s Poprace.

This brief EP is from the Series II Records 3″ collection and includes three phenomenal tracks led by “When The Sun Falls Down”. All three feature highly infectious indie pop highly influenced by Sarah Records’ artists and the twee movement. The lyrics and melodies are all simple, but they’re poetic and they’re filled with all the proper hooks. Where “When The Sun Falls Down” sides fully in the pop realm, “A Picture Of You” injects elements of rock and features much more prominent keys. In “Shyness As A Sin”, Double Dan takes it back down a notch, concluding the album with soft, melodic, dreamy pop.

For any obsessed with pop music of Swedish origin, Double Dan is an absolute must. There is simply too much collective history behind this trio of individuals to ignore. And for the rest, it’s just hard to deny that Double Dan makes great pop music.

At Dawn by Double Dan

Series II Records [3″ CD-R, 2009]

1. When The Sun Falls Down
2. A Picture Of You
3. Shyness As A Sin

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