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Tafra: Oh Daniel [Music Video]


Tafra‘s “Oh Daniel” follows a Suburban Kids With Biblical Names influence. The track could as easily have been found on one of the duo’s Labrador Records releases as on Tafra’s Why Even Bother. This is, of course, no surprise. And you’ll soon learn why…

Following the twee sounds of his release, Niklas Tafra’s video for “Oh Daniel” finds the singer/songwriter dishing out a light, poppy tune on a ukulele while his mopey voice is somewhere between sad and sarcastic—a feat SKWBN are masters at accomplishing.

Of course Tafra has the sound of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names! Part way through one of the SKWBN members gives Tafra a lift to the ocean.

The theme of the video covers Tafra’s gift to a little boy, Daniel, for his birthday. Given the lo-fi, cutesy nature of the tune, it’s good to see a video that follows suit. It’s fun and light-hearted, perfect for a Sunday morning.

Tafra: Oh Daniel [mp3]
[audio:090510_tafra_-_oh_daniel.mp3|titles=Oh Daniel|artists=Tafra]

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