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New Bicycle

On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix

I picked up a new toy a few hours before my show. My bike had been in the shop for a few days with a broken spoke and to get a new chain and cassette (the latter of which was a special order item), and I decided to try out a 2012 model Trek. Ended up using my old bike as a trade in and coming home with the new ride pictured above. With this kind of reckless spending, I needed a garage/psychedelic rock kind of night.

Read More »On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix

Christopher Owens: Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go

Christopher Ownes by Ryan McGinely

I think Christopher Owens‘ departure from Girls caught everyone a bit off guard. The band had enjoyed substantial hype over the past few years, and the music they continued to put out kept increasing in quality. But even with that departure, it seemed inevitable that we would hear from Owens again soon. You can’t create so many heartfelt, personal songs in such a short period of time and just cut away that element of your life. Read More »Christopher Owens: Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go

Fense’s Radio Show: March 2, 2012

We’ve been doing up the floors in our house, stripping out the carpet, repainting the walls, painting the trim and doors, and laying down a rich brown woven bamboo (hence the lateness of this post and the general lack of posts this week). It’s a project that should add equity to our house and, one day, our pockets. I threw this playlist together Friday morning and set to work stripping carpet from the hallway while it played in the background. Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: March 2, 2012

PAPA: I Am The Lion King MP3


PAPA is the side project of Girls’ drummer Darren Weiss and their music fits well with the chill California sound of Weiss’ other band. “I Am The Lion King” is a track off the band’s new EP, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find. You can hear the track below; it has an edge to it, but it’s laid back. Laid back like you’d expect from a late August/early September anthem. It hints of the beach and summer. And, after listening to the entirety of the new album, I find it pretty easy to say that — albeit very good — it’s definitely not the best track on the EP! Read More »PAPA: I Am The Lion King MP3

Girls: Vomit (Video)


Just the other week we wrote about Girls’ new song, “Vomit”, off their forthcoming third release Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They have now presented us a video for the tune, which after countless listens I shall now dub their most accomplished song to date. The video begins with seductive footage ’60s cherry red Mustang convertible then changes pace to a drive through the city. Interesting angles and bright colors amidst a dark background all emphasize the song’s power. Read More »Girls: Vomit (Video)

Girls: Vomit (MP3)


Girls have come to be one of my favorite artists since their early release, Album, in September of 2009. Their music is simply astonishing, from upbeat pop gems like “Lust For Life” and “Alright” to more surreal explorations of pop psychedelia, like “Helhole Ratrace” and “Carolina”. Read More »Girls: Vomit (MP3)

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