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Girls: Vomit (MP3)


Girls have come to be one of my favorite artists since their early release, Album, in September of 2009. Their music is simply astonishing, from upbeat pop gems like “Lust For Life” and “Alright” to more surreal explorations of pop psychedelia, like “Helhole Ratrace” and “Carolina”.

“Vomit” is a new track off the band’s forthcoming record, Father, Son, Holy Ghost and it takes the pop exploration to a whole new level. It begins soft and slow as a pop ballad. It has bouts of volume increases and epic guitar riffs, occasionally diving into experimental noise pop and impromptu guitar solos.

Girls’ previous work is nothing to scoff at. Remember the first time you heard any of the aforementioned earlier work? Get ready to have that same feeling of amazement; “Vomit” matches them head to head. Easily.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is due September 13 via True Panther Sounds

Download: “Vomit” by Girls

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