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Girls: Vomit (Video)


Just the other week we wrote about Girls’ new song, “Vomit”, off their forthcoming third release Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They have now presented us a video for the tune, which after countless listens I shall now dub their most accomplished song to date. The video begins with seductive footage ’60s cherry red Mustang convertible then changes pace to a drive through the city. Interesting angles and bright colors amidst a dark background all emphasize the song’s power.

Yes, the footage fits well with the lyrics: Nights I spend alone / I spend alone looking for you baby. The song itself begins softly, the vocal tone beyond melancholy; outright depressing. But as the song picks up there’s hope. Guitar solos, a laid-back rhythm section, and the closing out of “Vomit” with a very Dark Side Of The Moon-like female vocalist all make “Vomit” one of the year’s most stunning tracks.

And it also makes this video quite unique.

Download: “Vomit” by Girls

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