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Fense’s Radio Show: April 20, 2012

Record Room

I didn’t post at all on FensePost last week. That’s crazy. I had been on a roll, pumping out posts on a daily basis, then I hit a wall and needed an immediate break. But my breaks are typically filled with, well, something else. They’re aren’t true breaks, in the informal-synonym-for-vacation sense of the word.

That’s right, it was pledge week at KSVR and KSVU. Being pledge week, I came in Wednesday night and sat in on Jackson Stewart’s Blue Boulevard and we had some friendly banter while taking calls during the membership drive.

And before that, the weekend prior was spent wrapping the bamboo floors at home, putting back together my vinyl-centric “man room.”

My radio show, too, continued this “break” theme with short sets and lots of calls to action. And as promised during Blue Boulevard, it had a folk and blues theme.

“How Come” by Avi Buffalo off How Come 7″ Single
“Sugar Lips” by North Highlands off Sugar Lips EP

“Tighten Up” by The Black Keys off Brothers
“I Found You” by Alabama Shakes off Alabama Shakes EP

“We Can’t All Be Blessed” by The Moondoggies off Tidelands
“Teeth” by The Ettes off Teeth 7″ Single

“Bottle” by Texture Like Sun off Bottle (Single)
“The Organ Grinder” by The Migrant off Travels In Lowland

“Let It Die” by The Dutchess And The Duke off Sunset / Sunrise
“Unfaithful” by Charles Leo Gebhardt IV off Unfaithful EP

“Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture off Pure Bathing Culture EP
“Love Like A River” by Girls off Father, Son, Holy Ghost
“The Golden Age Of Aviation” by The Lucksmiths off Staring At The Sky

“While You Were Sleeping” by Elvis Perkins off Ash Wednesday
“No Surprise” by Quiet Life off Big Green

“Called” by The Cave Singers off Invitation Songs
“Blood Of Angels” by Brown Bird off Salt For Salt

“Own Stunts” by Breathe Owl Breathe off Magic Central
“Lifted” by Nat Baldwin off People Changes

hand-picked vinyl recommendations

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