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The Lucksmiths Untidy Towns Vinyl 7 Inch Single

The Lucksmiths: Three Out of Print Singles


Another Cover Art piece transferred over from that site, this time covering three out of print singles by one of the greatest Australian bands to ever exist — The Lucksmiths. The band may no longer be together, but their music stands just as strong as it did one the day it was released, be it from their humble beginnings in the early 1990s to their final release just a year or so ago. Here’s the original post:

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Best Albums of 2008

A Retrospective Top 33 and 1/3: Best Albums of 2008

When I compiled my original Best Of 2008 list last December, it was a snow day. The sky dropped about a foot, maybe a foot and a half of fluffy white stuff and we lowly sub-compact drivers could go nowhere. Between ranking albums and locating album art, I took a stroll around town with my camera. The above image comes from that trek. Overall, I was pretty happy with last year’s list but, in revisiting all the albums from 2008, I now see quite a few that I left out.

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FensePost: the Best Albums of 2003

A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2003

The summer of 2003 was a hot one in eastern Washington, and my concrete bunker of an apartment contained the heat like no other. Granted, the image below wasn’t shot by yours truly until 2004, but it sure seemed hot enough to ignite even the least combustible of items. I wrapped up my undergraduate that December, which was cold as Antarctica, and upon that milestone I moved to Seattle. It was a good year for the Northwest; many of my favorite albums came from Seattle labels like Sub Pop and Barsuk. As for the list, I’ve expanded it to 20. Couldn’t help it.

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