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Fense’s Radio Show: March 16, 2012

Stuarto at KSVR

Stuarto and I talked a lot just before my show began and in the minutes after it started about the radio station he’s been building at his house. He’s dubbing it 1020Radio, and you can check out the (right now) super minimalist site he’s running over at You can also find it on Facebook.


It’s been a long time coming; the station is nearing completion and just about to hit the Internets. All goes well, and time permitting, I’ll join up over there for additional on-air enjoyment.

But for now it’s just KSVR and KSVU.

“Mad World” by The Snowdrops off Mad World 7″
“A Summer Song” by Bikeride off Summer Winners, Summer Losers
“There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Lucksmiths off Romantic & Square is Hip & Aware

“Rituals” by Death And Vanilla off Death And Vanilla LP
“Diaryland” by Hong Kong In The 60s off My Fantoms

“Boat Behind” by Kings of Convenience off Declaration of Dependence
“Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)” by Thao With The Get Down Stay Down off We Brave Bee Sting And All

“Cold As Minnesota” by Math And Physics Club off Math And Physics Club
“Dead Hour” by The Guild League off Speak Up
“Where Have We Been?” by Acid House Kings off Music Sounds Better With You

“Angel Gone” by Beat Happening off Music To Climb The Apple Tree By
“Patience Boy” by The Seaworthies off We Could Make A Movie Out Of This
“Knots” by Archaeology off Change of Address
“Paper Airplanes” by The Glasses off Story Problems

“You Never Notice Me” by The Garlands off You Never Notice Me b/w Continue 7″
“Spring Break-Up” by TacocaT off Take Me To Your Dealer EP

“Painted In My Face” by Je Suis Animal off Cloudberry Single
“I Would Die For You” by Tender Trap off 6 Billion People

“Sharkskin” by Automaton Adventure Series off Automaton Adventure Series 7″
“Midsummer Daydream” by Beachwood Sparks off Midsummer Daydream Sub Pop Singles Club 7″
“Terrified Of Light” by 764-HERO off Weekends of Sound

“Twisted Sister” by Peru off Across Blue Skies
“Serious As A Heart Attack” by The Faintest Ideas off What Goes Up Must Calm Down
“Junebouvier” by Whirr off Pipe Dreams
“Burden” by The Mantles off The Mantles

“Our Day In Kansas” by Tullycraft off Disenchanted Hearts Unite
“Topps” by BOAT off Topps Maxi 7″ Single
“The Last Song (Secret Tullycraft Version)” by Boat

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