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Fense’s Radio Show: March 30, 2012

It is happening again. After two dormant weeks of doing virtually nothing (OK, very little is more like it), evenings this week were spent spinning vinyl by The Smiths and painting Andi’s sewing room in preparation for putting in the bamboo flooring this weekend.

Next up will be my record room, which will be a big pain; moving thousands of CDs, LPs and 7″ Singles is not a task I will find enjoyable (hence the top photo). But the finished product will be the ultimate reward. I digress.

This continues my recent obsession with indie pop: listening to Louder Than Bombs and The Queen Is Dead has reinvigorated my desire to write and discover new music; funny that a band that called it quits about 25 years ago has spawned that urge. Anyway.

Tonight’s show was pieced together with a lot of new music, hence all the links to tunes available for your bonus sampling. The bold songs link to SoundClick versions of the track; note that I’ll be posting about some of the other tracks on this list in the next week or two. Check ’em all out and let me know which is your favorite!

Radio Playlist: 03.30.12

“Just For Fun” by Alpaca Sports off Just For Fun (7″ Single)
“Heaven’s Just A Kiss Away” by Acid House Kings off Advantage
“V Is For Vulture” by Hollows off Vulture

“A Little Romance” by Math And Physics Club off The Matinee Hit Parade
“Good Light” by The Lucksmiths off The Matinee Hit Parade
“Push Our Way To The Front” by The Zebras off New Ways Of Risking Our Lives

“Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture off Pure Bathing Culture EP
“Diaryland” by Hong Kong In The 60s off My Fantoms
“Cherry Blossom Girl” by Fireflies off Cherry Blossom Girl (7″ Single)

“Atom” by Inca Gold off Inca Gold III
“Fantasy” by Teen Daze off EU Tour EP
“Never The Same Way Twice” by Shout Out Out Out Out off Spanish Moss And Total Loss
“Only Skin” by The Spring Standards off Yellow/Gold Double EP

“Staring At The Sun” by TV On The Radio off Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
“Benchwarmers” by Finn Riggins off Benchwarmers
“Cool Kids” by Twin Cabins off I’m Sure

“Night” by Ravens & Chimes off Holiday Life
“Warm Body” by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band off EP
“Fever” by Maps & Atlases off Beware And Be Grateful

“Torture” by Magic Trick off Ruler Of The Night
“Hondora” by White Birds off When Women Played Drums
“Natural Disaster” by Dante Vs Zombies off Buh

“A Few Empty Waves” by Cats On Fire off All Blackshirts To Me
“The Dazzled” by Crystal Stilts off Alight Of Night
“Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)” by Crocodiles off Endless Flowers
“Swagger Vets And Double Moon” by White Fence off Family Perfume Vol. 1

“When We Were Young” by Hosannas off Together

hand-picked vinyl recommendations

2 thoughts on “Fense’s Radio Show: March 30, 2012”

  1. oh man, this started off so cute with songs about kissing, and by the end i’m feeling my loneliness again! i found you trying to find more about alpaca sports–thanks for the great list!

    1. Thanks for the comments Stephen! Alpaca Sports are great!

      If you happen to find yourself online at around 10pm Pacific Standard Time tonight (Friday, Feb 1), feel free to tune in to my show at KSVR.

      Not sure what will make the playlist for tonight, but it should be good!

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