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Fense’s Radio Show: February 3, 2012

After a week away, it was nice to be back in the studio. This week I played several folk-related tunes, a few garage-based ones, and a small handful of indie pop tracks. With the amount of indie-folk I’ve played of late, I’m thinking we’re in store for another dreamy mix and maybe even a garage rock mix in the near future.

Andi and I have been on a DIY kick of late and a recent project has been homemade laundry detergent. With the three ingredients displayed in the photo above, along with water, we won’t have to purchase detergent for a few years. How’s that for cost cutting, hipsters?

I’ve highlighted a few tracks below (i.e. the bold ones) for sampling purposes. Download and enjoy!

Here’s the playlist:

“No Retro” by Basemint off No Retro b/w Basemint Theme 7″
“The City Still” by Bears off Greater Lakes

“Late Night Bikes” by Capybara off Dave Drusky
“So Long” by Fruit Bats off Tripper
“Song of the City” by Isidore off Life Somewhere Else

“Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten off Tramp
“Shallow” by Beach Fossils off Shallow b/w Lessons 7″

“In The Yard” by Bowerbirds off The Clearing
“Squawk” by Y La Bamba off Court The Storm
“Chasing Crows” by The Horde And The Harem off A Long Midwinter

“Bigfoot Camero” by Bel Air off Fall
“Switch” by Guy Capecelatro III off North For The Winter
“Lungs, Dirt & Dreams” by Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters off Lungs, Dirt & Dreams

“Bet You Never Thought It Would Be Like This” by The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir off I Bet You Say That To All The Boys

“Weekend” by Smith Westers off Daytrotter’s Big Orange Studios Session
“I Am The Assassin” by Dag för Dag off Boo

“Doing As I Do” by The Beets off Let The Poison Out
“Girl” by Milk Maid off Yucca
“Vizcaya” by Jacuzzi Boys off Glazin’

“When I See You Again” by Shimmering Stars off Ghosts Past EP
“Come Monday Night” by God Help The Girl off God Help The Girl

“Forgiveness” by Girls off Father, Son, Holy Ghost
“Mona Lisa” by Atlas Sound off Bedroom Databank Vol. 3
“Unfaithful” by Charles Leo Gebhardt IV off Unfaithful

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