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Christopher Owens: Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go

Christopher Ownes by Ryan McGinely

I think Christopher Owens‘ departure from Girls caught everyone a bit off guard. The band had enjoyed substantial hype over the past few years, and the music they continued to put out kept increasing in quality. But even with that departure, it seemed inevitable that we would hear from Owens again soon. You can’t create so many heartfelt, personal songs in such a short period of time and just cut away that element of your life.

Sure enough, his new solo album, Lysandre, will be released January 15, about half a year (give or take) after announcing his departure. The opening two tracks, “Lysandre’s Theme” and “Here We Go”, are better viewed as one, and within you get a taste of what’s to come.

There are elements that stand aligned with his previous work: the personal lyrics, the catchy pop swagger, the nuances of Owens’ vocals that make him such an enigmatic yet wholeheartedly open songwriter. Elements also stand apart. The pop efficacy is greater with less forays into the folk and rock arenas.

Thankfully, we do hear an occasional inclusion of that wonderful electric guitar, but it’s refined to almost an afterthought (still, giving the song an interesting element of depth).

The album drops tomorrow via Fat Possum Records.

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