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The Luyas: Tiny Head [Video]


I’m finding it hard to get over how trippy this video is, and I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good thing. Case in point, I felt the same way about “Casual” by Here We Go Magic. That video was so raw and shocking, it made me look at the song… differently… for a while. And maybe that’s the problem. I’ve only listened to “Tiny Head” by The Luyas while watching the video. Read More »The Luyas: Tiny Head [Video]

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Announce New Album

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Dead Oceans announced yesterday the sophomore release by Portland’s Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, titled Where The Messengers Meet. The album, out August 3, hits about a year and a half after the band’s self-titled debut. That album came in just outside our top 10 album of 2009 thanks to angular, erratic, and often hauntingly frantic musicianship fronted by expert, harmonic vocals. Read More »Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Announce New Album

Citay: Dream Get Together [Album Review]


Citay‘s new LP, Dream Get Together, just found its way into my inbox. There are several descriptors you could apply to the album, from Cosmic to Anthemic. But when it really comes down to it, Dream Get Together finds a unique place in music simply due to its wide breadth of influences — so wide that the music they create has become unlike any of the bands whose influence they draw. Read More »Citay: Dream Get Together [Album Review]

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