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The Luyas: Tiny Head [Video]


I’m finding it hard to get over how trippy this video is, and I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good thing. Case in point, I felt the same way about “Casual” by Here We Go Magic. That video was so raw and shocking, it made me look at the song… differently… for a while. And maybe that’s the problem. I’ve only listened to “Tiny Head” by The Luyas while watching the video.

So, about the video. It features main woman Jessie Stein using various artifacts to create very interesting visuals. The Luyas create dream pop and it sides on the experimental, so the video works quite well; it’s just odd. But good. In fact, perhaps that’s what makes a video truly excellent — when it’s put together in a way that it alters your perception of the song. Not bad for a video with a budget of $40!

Tiny Head by The Luyas from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

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