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Brazos: How The Ranks Was Won (Videos)



Brazos is fronted by Brooklyn-via-Austin artist Martin McNulty Crane, who released his debut under the Brazos name in 2009. That album is called Phosphorescent Blues, and was crafted after a 1969 poem called “The Observer” by feminist/radical Adrienne Rich.

The acclaim Crane received for Phosphorescent Blues ultimately landed Brazos on the Dead Oceans roster, and later this year (May 28 to be exact) the band will release their follow up, a nine-song LP called Saltwater.

“How The Ranks Was Won” is among the first songs to debut off Saltwater and it was given an official video last month. And, less than a week ago, the song appeared in a Live at Braund Sound video. You can watch both below.

In the song, Crane proves himself a mighty fine guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. Part dreamy, totally dance-worthy and flirting somewhere between acoustic and electric, “How The Ranks Was Won” is sure to become a beloved spring hit for many. Check out the videos below and see how well Brazos translates it into a live setting.

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