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Citay: Dream Get Together [Album Review]


Citay‘s new LP, Dream Get Together, just found its way into my inbox. There are several descriptors you could apply to the album, from Cosmic to Anthemic. But when it really comes down to it, Dream Get Together finds a unique place in music simply due to its wide breadth of influences — so wide that the music they create has become unlike any of the bands whose influence they draw. This is apparent from the get-go with “Careful With That Hat”, a song that channels the likes of Led Zeppelin, Styx, Electric Light Orchestra and Eno on one end, yet throws in a few 80s hair guitar riffs while the band dons an indie-pop Essex Green or other E6 band male/female collective vocal style. You’ll hear this style of vocals throughout the album, from the light, folk-pop “Mirror Kisses” to the intense pop of “Fortunate Son”. And these songs are split by the harder, more epic wailing instrumental, “Hunter”. Throughout Dream Get Together, Citay takes a sound familiar to the late 70s and early 80s, with wildly epic, dreamy guitar solos, and make it modern. Dream Get Together closes with a cover of Galaxy 500’s “Tugboat”, a seemingly perfect close to an album so diverse in influences it has become entirely original, and brilliantly awesome.

Download: “Careful With That Hat” by Citay
[audio:100520-citay-careful-with-that-hat.mp3|titles=Careful With That Hat|artists=Citay]

Download: “Mirror Kisses” by Citay
[audio:100520-citay-mirror-kisses.mp3|titles=Mirror Kisses|artists=Citay]

Citay: Dream Get Together

Dead Oceans [CD, 2010]

1. Careful With That Hat
2. Return From Silence
3. Dream Get Together
4. Secret Breakfast
5. Mirror Kisses
6. Hunter
7. Fortunate Son
8. Tugboat

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