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Feral Children: Second To The Last Frontier [Album Review]

Feral Children at Capital Hill Block Party, Photo by Fense.

Lead singer Jeffrey Keenan has the voice of a younger Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), if not the wild-eyed nature. His nature is his own and you can see it when he grabs the drum-sticks—that intensely focused look in his eyes. Feral Children have come to be a dominant name in Seattle thanks to these performances and their debut LP, Second To The Last Frontier, is finally ready for public consumption. Read More »Feral Children: Second To The Last Frontier [Album Review]

Umalali: Nibari [Video]

Umalali by Sarah Weeden

Written by Fense

My exposure to true World Music is quite limited and can easily be traced back a single year. Sure, I’ve taken intimate looks at music from around the world, but it tends to fit an alternate category, like pop or rock. True World Music, then, is music that comes from that culture with little outside influence. Read More »Umalali: Nibari [Video]

Stencil: Chop Suey, Seattle [Live, 08.26.2008]

Stencil by Kelley Bingham

As a Seattle venue, I respect Chop Suey. Their shows begin at decent hours—something aging individuals like myself appreciate. The bill for this rainy August evening included three artists, opening with Stencil, a band I was unfamiliar with. (The other two artists included my good Austin friends The Lovely Sparrows—stay tuned for an interview next week and a review of their debut album the week following—and local trio Toy Gun.) Read More »Stencil: Chop Suey, Seattle [Live, 08.26.2008]

The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

The Notwist

Written by Jon Hegglund

The first time I listened to The Devil, You & Me, I put it on the iTunes and walked away from the computer to do some chores around the house. At one point, after I thought the album had played in its entirety, a muted, pretty acoustic guitar came floating out over the computer speakers. I thought, initially, that it was the opening to Nick Drake’s lovelorn folk ballad, “Northern Sky.” Before my confusion could be cleared up—wait, “Ni” should come before “No,” right?—Markus Acher’s quiet, melancholy voice dropped in and I realized that, yes, this was still The Notwist, with “Gone Gone Gone,” their brief and beautiful coda to the album. Read More »The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

Patrick Porter [Feature Band]

Patrick Porter

Written by Fense

I gotta say, CD-R labels sure pull out some great moves. I’ve long been a fan of new up-and-comer Series II Records, a name you’ve likely seen several times over the past few months here on FensePost. But this one comes from the newly (and sadly) defunct Asaurus Records. Take a look at their artists and you may recognize a few names. I sure do! Let’s see: The Capstan Shafts, The Faintest Ideas, The Mathletes, Pants Yell!, Red Pony Clock, and, a recent name in my playlist, Patrick Porter. Read More »Patrick Porter [Feature Band]

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