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Stereolab: Chemical Chords [Album Review]

Stereolab by Sabrina Tabuchi

Written by Fense

If Stereolab (MySpace) were a person, they’d have recently graduated from high school. That’s how long Stereolab has been around. Eighteen years. That means they formed in 1990. That means I was 10 at the time. Come November they will prepare to enter their fourth U.S. presidency. Their longevity outlives most independent labels and most independent bands; hell, they formed during the Cold War! Read More »Stereolab: Chemical Chords [Album Review]

The Lovely Sparrows: Bury The Cynics [Album Review]

The Lovely Sparrows by Fense

Written by Fense

The Lovely Sparrows (MySpace) embark on an exciting journey with Bury The Cynics, and while they loose much of the excessive percussion I loved so much on their EP, they replace it with heightened production value and an array of additional instruments. Or, rather, the additional instruments are brought to the foreground and allowed to shine. Read More »The Lovely Sparrows: Bury The Cynics [Album Review]

Klas [Feature Band]


Klas is a super lovable lo-fi twee-ish folk-pop group out of Malmö, Sweden and they write beautiful songs like “I Was A Janitor” that include lyrics like I was a janitor / And life was bad / But when I got my paycheck / Life was good. Their debut album, titled To Sleep And Love, is out now in Europe on Evil Twin and in the states on Series II Records. Read More »Klas [Feature Band]

Woodhands [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

Woodhands are a Canadian duo that selectively mixes female vocals (think Au Revoir Simone), at least on select tunes like “Dancer”, with male ones so versatile they defy any one (or two, for that mater) classification. Their instrumentation boasts one on percussion and one on keytar. Heart Attack, their debut release on Paper Bag Records was released late last month. Read More »Woodhands [Feature Band]

Johnny Flynn: The Box [Video]

Johnny Flynn

Written by Fense

It seems like everyone is doing the animation thing these days and here is yet another, this time by British artist Johnny Flynn (MySpace). I received Flynn’s EP Hong Kong Cemetery in the mail recently and then saw his recent album, A Larum (out now on Lost Highway Records) at Sonic Boom. “The Box” is the first track off A Larum and the final track on the EP. Read More »Johnny Flynn: The Box [Video]

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