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Klas [Feature Band]


Klas is a super lovable lo-fi twee-ish folk-pop group out of Malmö, Sweden and they write beautiful songs like “I Was A Janitor” that include lyrics like I was a janitor / And life was bad / But when I got my paycheck / Life was good. Their debut album, titled To Sleep And Love, is out now in Europe on Evil Twin and in the states on Series II Records.

Klas comes to me via the Series Two Compilation Vol. 1, to which Klas donated four tracks, including “Honda Civic”, “The Fall”, “Under The Rainbow” and the aforementioned “I Was A Janitor”. Their MySpace page boasts four additional tracks including a download for “Nightswimming”, which is a bit more electro-pop than what’s found on the comp.

“The Fall” is my favorite off the compilation. The song is a slower, more ballad-like tune that features a great keyboard part and a simple two-chord melody. The guitar part is suspiciously close to the two chord progression of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” and even begins with lyrics A fake plastic watering tank to boot, but the keyboards are what truly set this song apart.

From the additional selections, I’m pretty fond of “Baby Blue” and, of course, “Nightswimming”. Klas is yet another great Swedish pop band, enough to make someone like myself fall in love with Swedish pop all over again.

I was going to only include “The Fall” but it’s my birthday (at 28, I have now officially hit my “late” twenties!) and I’m feeling generous. You’ll also find “Nightswimming” below.

Klas: The Fall [mp3]
[audio:0909_klas_-_the_fall.mp3|titles=The Fall|artists=Klas]

Klas: Nightswimming [mp3]

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