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War Tapes [Feature Band]

War Tapes Band
War Tapes by Carlton Beener

Written by Fense

Woah. Where the hell did Sarathan Records come from!? One moment I’m hanging out, minding my own damn business and dreaming of great rock bands and the next moment they’re signing them! First to catch my attention was Seattle’s very own Feral Children, giving SXSeattle one hell of a great performance at SXSW this year. Now there’s War Tapes.

War Tapes is a bit heavier than my usual rock taste (they’re very much on par with local favorites Feral Children and The Pharmacy, so I’m coming around to some of the louder stuff), but boy is it catchy! Take note of “Start Again” and “Dreaming Of You”; these tunes could easily find their way onto mix tapes with The Shackeltons, The Mae Shi, and even some No Age or Oxford Collapse.

God! And check out “Mutiny”, where Neil’s deep and darkly sensual vocals are occasionally backed by Becca’s shouts in the repeated I don’t know / I don’t know / I don’t know–Superb!

Dubbed as referencing subgenres like 80s new wave, post-punk and a more recent post-hardcore, the vocalist certainly has a voice that conjures Interpol and The Cure and the instrumentation follows suit with hefty, distortion-infused guitar riffs. Their self-titled EP (also dubbed Tour EP drops via Sarathan Records on tomorrow.

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