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Band In Box [Feature Band]

Band In Box

Band In Box (MySpace) was featured on the first Series II Compilation installment. The comp championed five artists, each of whom contributed four songs. True to Series II Records, Band In Box has a minimal, twee-like nature. There are some similarities to female-fronted pop groups like Au Revoir Simone and fellow Series II act Back In Judy’s Shack.

The music Band In Box creates is softly melodic and pleasant in instrumentation; all their songs are beautifully crafted pieces that blend genres from pop to classical to folk. The group often adds in non-traditional instruments like clarinet and xylophone, allowing Band In Box to stand creatively compared to its contemporaries.

While each song featured on the comp is notable, none is moreso than “A Spoon That You Can Bend”. Still, the poppiest of the bunch is “Leaving Smears”. The song adds a bit of volume in comparison to the others, and the emphasis is placed on vocals and guitar, rather than other instruments. Both tunes are hypnotically seductive.

Band In Box recently released their debut album, This Fiction, on Stereo Test Kit Records in the UK. Below is a track that can be found on both This Fiction and Series II Compilation Volume 1. I give you “A Spoon That You Can Bend”…

Band In Box: A Spoon That You Can Bend [mp3]
[audio:0826_band_in_box_-_a_spoon_that_you_can_bend.mp3|titles=A Spoon That You Can Bend|artists=Band In Box]

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