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“Monsters” Means More of the Same from Electric President

Electric President Band

Electric President has given us a video for their song “Monsters” off their second LP, Sleep Well.

This band could be the lovechild of Postal Service and Page France for the gravely, growly vocals backed by the hyped up guitar-based electro pop that dominates their music.

Quick history: the band was formed in 2003 by Ben Cooper and Alex Kane after their prior project, Helicopter Project, split. They released a double 7″ EP called You Have The Right To Remain Awesome in 2004 followed by a self-titled LP in 2006.

Electric President Band

The video for “Monsters” finds Electric President following their outstanding self-titled release with a similarly eerie electronic pop sound. Like Electric President, their recent Sleep Well LP is filled with lovable yet dark pop and “Monsters” follows suit.

The video portrays Electric President in their element: Ben Cooper’s shed in which they record. Here Electric President tosses in signature indie pop traits like hand claps and tambourines amidst the darker side they enjoy so much, like spacey guitars and emotive piano parts.

The result is both dark and a little eerie. But it’s also fun.

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