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Patrick Porter [Feature Band]

Patrick Porter

Written by Fense

I gotta say, CD-R labels sure pull out some great moves. I’ve long been a fan of new up-and-comer Series II Records, a name you’ve likely seen several times over the past few months here on FensePost. But this one comes from the newly (and sadly) defunct Asaurus Records. Take a look at their artists and you may recognize a few names. I sure do! Let’s see: The Capstan Shafts, The Faintest Ideas, The Mathletes, Pants Yell!, Red Pony Clock, and, a recent name in my playlist, Patrick Porter.

Patrick Porter’s A Swan At Smiley’s was one of the final releases on Asaurus and it mixes pop sensibilities with Porter’s southern-tinged, back-country past. Porter has been around for quite a while and already has several releases under his belt—as far as I can tell, eight! Songs like “Wait For Another” and “Not Very Good” and “Goodbye Teta” give a good overview of Porter and act as some of the more prominent tracks off A Swan At Smiley’s.

Check out “Wait For Another” below, and hope that great new CD-R labels like Series II pick up right where Asaurus left off.

Patrick Porter: Wait For Another [mp3]
[audio:0828_patrick_porter_-_wait_for_another.mp3|titles=Wait For Another|artists=Patrick Porter]

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