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All India Radio: Persist [Video]

All India Radio

Written by Fense

The opening to “Persist” reminds me a bit of early Portishead. It’s got the hefty bass and pleasantly depressing strings. But All India Radio (MySpace) is nowhere near the Trip Hop that Portishead’s music fit into. Instead, the band fits a dark and dreamy pop mold that dabbles lightly in folk.

The video for “Persist” follows the life of an elephant trained for circus. Abused and misled, the elephant strikes back, earning it a death sentence. But elephants don’t expire easily. The conclusion is interesting and, had it been shot using an actual elephant or real characters, would be shocking and likely bring a major outcry from activist groups like PETA.

“Persist”, as a tune, is a lovely and dreamy pop gem that can be found on All India Radio’s Fall, out now on Minty Fresh Records. Also below is an mp3 of “Persist” for your listening pleasure.

All India Radio: Persist [mp3]
[audio:0827_all_india_radio_-_persist.mp3|titles=Persist|artists=All India Radio]

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