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Top 10 Albums of 2013

Top 10 Albums Turning 10 in 2023

A few months back, I shared my top 20 albums turning 20 years old in 2023. I loved compiling that list, and figured it would be great to put one together for the albums turning 10 this year as well. In this post, I’m scouring my collection for albums released 10 years ago, and I’m pulling out the top 10 albums turning 10 in 2023 — or, in other words, the top 10 albums of 2013.

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Best Albums of 2023 So Far

The Top 10 Best Indie Albums of 2023 (So Far)

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and they posed a great question. What are the top albums released in 2023 so far? As we just hit the midpoint of 2023, it’s the perfect time to take a quick look back over the past 6 months and make a list. These are, essentially, my top 10 albums of 2023 so far. As always, I am focusing the list on items I have added to my collection.

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Dream Police

Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

Dream Police

I have made it no secret that The Men‘s 2013 LP, New Moon, was among my favorite releases of the year. It marked a new pinnacle for the band, in my opinion; an arena slightly more accessible to the common listener and a bit more in line with my own personal tastes. Unfortunately, this year’s Tomorrow’s Hits hasn’t quite gripped me as much as its predecessor. Enter Dream Police and their forthcoming album Hypnotized. Read More »Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

The Men

The Men: Pearly Gates

The Men

Tomorrow’s Hits, the forthcoming fourth album in as many years by The Men, is set for release on (no surprise) Sacred Bones Records. Earlier this week, the band debuted “Pearly Gates” from the album; holding a similar countrified punk-rock edge found throughout their 2013 release New Moon, The Men inject horns (one of two tracks on the new album to feature the section) for a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of Washington Post-dubbed “weirdo collective” Dark Meat. Read More »The Men: Pearly Gates

The Men: Campfire Songs

The Men: Campfire Songs EP

Campfire Songs by The Men is among the most appropriate album titles of the year (perhaps being topped only by Ty Segall’s LP Sleeper). It was indeed recorded outside, under stars with a crackling fire keeping the clan warm. It found this band — often classified in a variety of genres from noise rock to post-punk — stripping away all electronics for something entirely acoustic.

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KSVR Radio Show: From a Garage on a Hot Summer Day

It’s summer here in Skagit, and that means the Farmer’s Market is back, it’s time for summer house projects, the Seattle to Portland bike ride is coming up, and the days are, quite frankly, way too long. Light at 4am, light until 10pm; it makes for some early mornings and late (yeah, I’m getting old) evenings. Summer also means less time for FensePost, so bear with me/the site. Especially during the month of July.

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1970s Schwinn Varsity Project

Mid Year Best of 2013: The Year’s Top Albums from Jan to June

Today (June 6) is FensePost’s seventh birthday, and since I didn’t post anything this morning I kept my head down, powered through and wrapped by mid-year best of 2013 list, covering my top 10 LPs from January to June. Before jumping into the list, let’s go over a few of the more highly anticipated albums of the second half of 2013. Just a list of bands for you: Camera Obscura, Daughn Gibson, The Moondoggies, Pure Bathing Culture, Ty Segall, Typhoon… I’ll leave it at that.

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