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The Men: Campfire Songs EP

The Men: Campfire Songs

Campfire Songs by The Men is among the most appropriate album titles of the year (perhaps being topped only by Ty Segall’s LP Sleeper). It was indeed recorded outside, under stars with a crackling fire keeping the clan warm. It found this band — often classified in a variety of genres from noise rock to post-punk — stripping away all electronics for something entirely acoustic.

Opening with “I Saw Her Face”, a high point off this year’s LP New Moon, one is immediately drowned in an intense reverb, and I can’t help but wonder — and secretly hope — that it’s entirely natural.

Backstory: The Men took some time to hole themselves up in a rural, upstate New York house. What resulted were recordings numbering greater than 25 songs, some of which would ultimately become the guy’s 2013 LP New Moon. You can hear the rural nature of New Moon; it contrasts nicely when paired next to their prior work.

And you can certainly hear it in Campfire Songs.

The EP is their second release of the year, following, of course, New Moon. And it’s their fifth in the past four. The aforementioned opener and “The Seeds” can be found on this year’s LP whereas closers “Turn Your Color” and “Patience” are proprietary to Campfire Songs. Midpoint “Water Babies” can be found as the b-side to the band’s January 7″ for “Electric”.

The cover is cast in black-and-white, depicting The Men around a campfire in the woods. To be released via Sacred Bones Records as a 12″ EP, Campfire Songs will feature a booklet of similar black-and-white photographs taken by The Men’s bassist/lap steel guitarist Kevin Faulkner.

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