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The Men: Pearly Gates

The Men

The Men

Tomorrow’s Hits, the forthcoming fourth album in as many years by The Men, is set for release on (no surprise) Sacred Bones Records. Earlier this week, the band debuted “Pearly Gates” from the album; holding a similar countrified punk-rock edge found throughout their 2013 release New Moon, The Men inject horns (one of two tracks on the new album to feature the section) for a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of Washington Post-dubbed “weirdo collective” Dark Meat.

Don’t let that statement about “Pearly Gates” sway you. By no way am I declaring the song a derivative. Nor am I saying The Men have lost any of their tireless creativity. Bluntly put: they most certainly have not.

Tomorrow’s Hits was originally recorded in founding member Mark Perro’s bedroom, along with 39-or-so other tracks. The band would ultimately sift those down to thirteen, then again to eight for the new LP (though all thirteen were recorded in a high-end studio). Odd as it may sound, these tracks were recorded prior to the release of New Moon.

Check out the song below and stay tuned to hear where New Moon came in on my top 25 albums of 2013 list, which will go live in the near future.

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