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Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture: Pendulum (mp3)

Pure Bathing Culture

Following our top EP of 2012, Portland duo (guitarist Daniel Hindman and keyboardist Sarah Versprille of Vetiver) Pure Bathing Culture returns with a new single called “Pendulum” off their forthcoming debut LP, Moon Tides. The new release will hit via the band’s new label, Partisan Records. “Pendulum” seems to expand beyond the simple pop of the duo’s self-titled EP. Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: Pendulum (mp3)

A FensePost Top 15 List: The Best EPs of 2012

FensePost Top EPs of 2012

While everyone else goes ape sh*t over EPs by Lana Del Rey and Ke$ha, well, we took a different approach and didn’t listen to those artists this year. Instead, last night, I ran through my entire library on iTunes and settled on my top 15 EPs of 2012.

Yeah, as these lists go, I’m sure I’m missing some pretty great ones in here that will leave me slapping my forehead later, but whatevz. It’s all subjective anyway, right? Read More »A FensePost Top 15 List: The Best EPs of 2012

Fense’s Radio Show: November 23, 2012

James John Cafe

Alright, so I have a treat for you. Being that I spent Thanksgiving week on vacation in Vancouver, WA with my parents — yes, a full week — I was out of town for my normal Friday show. Rather than having Stuarto cover for me, as holidays aren’t the best for extra shifts at the radio station, I put together a pre-recorded show. So I’m presenting that to you now, in full form. Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: November 23, 2012

KSVR Board

Fense’s Radio Show: September 21, 2012

This show ended up being a bit of a favorites show; we began with a few favorite tracks from the past few years by bands hailing from Sweden including Acid House Kings and their track “Do What You Wanna Do” (which remains one of my all-time favorites). And we continued with several favorites from 2012 thus far — the phenomenal “Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture; tracks by Cloud Nothings, Exlovers and Gap Dream; and from last year A Classic Education. Also making an appearance were some newbies: a pair of great Woods tracks off their new album Bend Beyond and a brand new track off the forthcoming Pinback LP Information Received.

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: September 21, 2012

Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture

I have no clue what’s going on. Seriously. A blue thing she treats like a baby. Her man has something evil hidden inside that comes out on occasion. She’s all emotional. There are hologram sharks. I’m sorry, but it’s all beyond me. Yes, I’m talking about the new video for “Ivory Coast” by Portland duo Pure Bathing Culture. It was directed by Sean Pecknold (whose brother Robin fronts Fleet Foxes, and for whom he has directed several music videos). Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture: EP

Pure Bathing Culture

While I haven’t written about Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture directly, they’ve already become mainstays on both my regular playlist and on my KSVR / KSVU weekly radio show. The duo of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille create quite a full pop sound for there being just two. Early on, I became a big fan of their track “Ivory Coast” off their self-titled, debut EP, out now on Father/Daughter Recordings. Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: EP

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