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Fense’s Radio Show: May 25, 2012

May 25 KSVR Radio Show

Last weekend I did something a bit taboo. No, nothing that bad. What I did was this: I took my email inbox, and I cleared it. I archived everything — over 15,000 unread messages. It had just gotten a bit too out of control. Then, this week, I checked ALL my emails, filtered out what I wanted to cover, and pulled some select ones to add to my radio show.

Understand this: going through sometimes up to 100 emails in an evening is very time consuming. You have to be super selective; you have to become a critic. But, as an appreciator, I pull only that which appeals to me (and yes, plenty of great music still slips by). It’s a curse, it’s an honor, it’s what holds great meaning in my life.

Now I’m getting mushy.

Tonight’s show consists only (with exception to maybe 2 or 3 tracks) of music I have listened to a small handful of times. These are all songs that had their first listen within the last seven days.

Let’s get started:

“Mountain” by Eliot Lipp off Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake
“Taigan” by Bam Spacey off Land
“Destoryer Of Worlds” by The Sugarettes off Destroyers Of Worlds

“Henrietta” by Yeasayer off Henrietta

“Tereza” by Trails And Ways off Tereza
“Into The Wilderness” by Burning Hearts off Into The Wilderness
“It All Began With A Burst” by Kishi Bashi off 151a

“The Lake” by Clare And The Reasons off KR-51
“Silver Shore’s Lake” by Pure Bathing Culture off Pure Bathing Culture
“AM” by ShadowBox off Haunted By Colors

“Pyramids of Love” by Ozarks off Ozarks
“As I Lay Sleeping” by Ozarks off Ozarks
“Make It Known” by Foxygen off Take The Kids Off Broadway
“Waters” by White Birds
“The Stars Above Looked So Bright And Green” by Let’s Say We Did

“Typhoon” by Crooked Fingers off Breaks In The Armor
“See And Don’t See” by The Afghan Whigs
“The Blackest Shine” by The Pons off The Blackest Shine

“Light Til Dark” by Daymoths off Back In Time
“You Are The One” by A Place To Bury Strangers off Workship
“Property Lines” by Dusted off Total Dust
“Bloodstains” by Grave Babies off Gothdammit

“Time Meant Nothing” by TeePee off Time Meant Nothing (Single)
“The Glass Traditions” by Mystery Pills off Mystery Pills EP
“Chicken” by Adios Amigo off Dos
“Running With Insanity” by Alcoholic Faith Mission off Ask Me This

“La Vie Au Lasso” by Dawn Landes off Mal Habillée

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