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FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

It’s been a few months since I threw together a podcast, so I figured it was about time for another one. Besides, I’ve been working diligently on a mix-tape for a new local pal, Brett Sandström, whom I met after purchasing a Tullycraft single on eBay – he being the seller, both of us being astonished to find other Tullycraft fans in Skagit County. What began as a modern tribute to light garage pop ultimately changed direction to hint at songs that fit a sweltering, hot summer day.

Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

Justin Ripley: Personal Space [Album Review]

Justin Ripley

Personal Space is the latest solo work by Justin Ripley, who not all too long ago gave us Just Just. From the opening notes of “The Gold Of Similar Sand”, we’re treated to a similar sound though it has a few more psychedelic sensibilities. The song gives the impression of minimalism, yet is packed with interesting riffs, catchy vocal hooks, and precisely placed instrumentation. Read More »Justin Ripley: Personal Space [Album Review]

Salmon Thrasher CD Discharge Party

Salmon Thrasher

It’s finally here — the Salmon Thrasher debut CD release party. Although they’re calling it a “discharge” party, which conjures all sorts of unpleasant images. But then again, they are a band named Salmon Thrasher, so what can you expect?. The debut album is called What Gives and you can pick it up over at their bankcamp page. The “Discharge Party” kicks off at 9pm this Saturday (April 17) at Blue Moon Tavern. The band will play with My Goodness and Police Teeth. Read More »Salmon Thrasher CD Discharge Party

Justin Ripley [Demo Reel]

Justin Ripley

Not all too long ago, I featured an exclusive track by a brand new Seattle band called Salmon Thrasher. Member Justin Ripley recently sent me a homemade album he recorded for close friends and various music types. He dubbed it Just Just, as, well, it was just Justin performing. He wrote the songs, played the instruments, mixed the album… you get the picture. Because it’s not a full-on release release, I’m dubbing it worthy of a Demo Reel. Read More »Justin Ripley [Demo Reel]

Here’s a First: Salmon Thrasher Live!

salmon thrasher

Seattle is known for a few things. Fish is one, salmon in particular. Grunge in another. And then there’s rain. Salmon Thrasher, the latest (literally) garage band from The Emerald City, is a moniker that fulfills two out of three of those items. Apt title. So this news has is twofold: an introduction to the newest Seattle band, and the announcement of their first ever show. Read More »Here’s a First: Salmon Thrasher Live!

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