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Justin Ripley: Personal Space [Album Review]

Justin Ripley

Personal Space is the latest solo work by Justin Ripley, who not all too long ago gave us Just Just. From the opening notes of “The Gold Of Similar Sand”, we’re treated to a similar sound though it has a few more psychedelic sensibilities. The song gives the impression of minimalism, yet is packed with interesting riffs, catchy vocal hooks, and precisely placed instrumentation.

“I’m Like You” takes it down to ballad level with a slower melody and a guitar/bass combo that hints of an era of pop long gone. “Lighter Later” returns Ripley to his fondness of upbeat pop, albeit with an ever-so-slight hint of sadness. And the brief, four-song EP concludes with “Lip Synching The Neighbors Noise”, a short instrumental piece.

With Personal Space, Ripley again demonstrates that he’s a growing presence in the Seattle area.

Download: “The Gold Of Similar Sand” by Justin Ripley
[audio:100514-justin-ripley-gold-of-similar-sand.mp3|titles=The Gold Of Similar Sand|artists=Justin Ripley]

Justin Ripley: Personal Space

[Digital EP, 2010]

1. The Gold Of Similar Sand
2. I’m Like You
3. Lighter Later
4. Lip Synching The Neighbors Noise

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