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Justin Ripley [Demo Reel]

Justin Ripley

Not all too long ago, I featured an exclusive track by a brand new Seattle band called Salmon Thrasher. Member Justin Ripley recently sent me a homemade album he recorded for close friends and various music types. He dubbed it Just Just, as, well, it was just Justin performing. He wrote the songs, played the instruments, mixed the album… you get the picture. Because it’s not a full-on release release, I’m dubbing it worthy of a Demo Reel.

Ripley’s hazy vocals in “Nunya Business” are fit for a Ben Kweller reference, while the laid-back swagger the electric guitar find Justin’s softer, less rambunctious side. He dons a higher vocal pitch in “Borrowers”, fronting a chill bass-line meets drum sort of minimalism that’s somewhere between Papercuts and Jeremy Jay. Ripley speeds up the tempo slightly in “You Sent The Wrong Day” and “To Construct A Lake”, dropping some of the more minimal elements found in many of his tracks for full-on guitar strum (former) backed by brushed percussion and a classic bass-lines (both).

Just last week he sent me another email — Salmon Thrasher has their debut album in the mix and a copy is heading my way. If Just Just and that Salmon Thrasher exclusive he passed my way are any testament, we’re all in for a sizable treat. After all, with only a few brief songs it’s already apparent Mr. Ripley has substantial talent.

Download: “Nunya Business” by Justin Ripley
[audio:100322-justin-ripley-nunya-business.mp3|titles=Nunya Ripley|artists=Justin Ripley]

Download: “Borrowers” by Justin Ripley
[audio:100322-justin-ripley-borrowers.mp3|titles=Borrowers|artists=Justin Ripley]

Download: “To Construct A Lake” by Justin Ripley
[audio:100322-justin-ripley-to-construct-a-lake.mp3|titles=To Construct A Lake|artists=Justin Ripley]

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