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The Paiges [Demo Reel]

The Paiges

The Paiges are another new Pacific Northwest group. Blending a lo-fi pop sound with folk-rock in the vein of Woodsist artists or a much softer side of Slumberland Records, The Paiges’ track “You’ll Never Know” sparks the sort of curiosity I found so intriguing with that Salmon Thrasher demo, “In A Balloon”. Read More »The Paiges [Demo Reel]

Justin Ripley [Demo Reel]

Justin Ripley

Not all too long ago, I featured an exclusive track by a brand new Seattle band called Salmon Thrasher. Member Justin Ripley recently sent me a homemade album he recorded for close friends and various music types. He dubbed it Just Just, as, well, it was just Justin performing. He wrote the songs, played the instruments, mixed the album… you get the picture. Because it’s not a full-on release release, I’m dubbing it worthy of a Demo Reel. Read More »Justin Ripley [Demo Reel]

Boshus [Demo Reel]


One of the earliest music blogs I followed was IndiePages. Based in Seattle and with a hefty predilection toward twee and indie pop, my musical preferences meshed very well with that of Chris McFarlane. Following the site, I was introduced to many favorites from around the world. It was there I discovered Ivy League, which became the first ever FensePost feature (the band went on to change their name to This Is Ivy League prior to the release of their self-titled debut LP). I’ve covered several other bands first found on the site, including McFarlane’s very own Patience Please (a long-time favorite). The latest band to snag my attention is Boshus. Read More »Boshus [Demo Reel]

Blips [Demo Reel]


I’m provided enough music to warrant several new areas to highlight – it’s something I hope to expand upon this year. One item I receive on occasion is the demo track. I’ve posted a few over the years, and it’s high time I made the demo its own feature. The first art to receive Demo Reel treatment is Köln, Germany’s Blips. Read More »Blips [Demo Reel]

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