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Boshus [Demo Reel]


One of the earliest music blogs I followed was IndiePages. Based in Seattle and with a hefty predilection toward twee and indie pop, my musical preferences meshed very well with that of Chris McFarlane. Following the site, I was introduced to many favorites from around the world. It was there I discovered Ivy League, which became the first ever FensePost feature (the band went on to change their name to This Is Ivy League prior to the release of their self-titled debut LP). I’ve covered several other bands first found on the site, including McFarlane’s very own Patience Please (a long-time favorite). The latest band to snag my attention is Boshus.

Boshus is from Chicago and their pop is jangle-heavy and filled with multiple vocalists who sing in high-pitched vocals with oft indecipherable lyrics. Super infectious, songs like “Icecream Shop”, “Elephant” and “Monkey Time” will become instant favorites. None of the three in which I’ve heard top a minute-thirty; they’re all very brief, and very good. Given a short amount of time (i.e. the precise amount of time it takes Boshus to give us a proper full-length, or even a solid EP), this band could very well become your favorite indie pop group.

Boshus: Elephant [mp3]

Boshus: Icecream Shop [mp3]
[audio:100224-boshus-icecream-shop.mp3|titles=Icecream Shop|artists=Boshus]

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