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Sleepwalks [Demo Reel]


Sleepwalks are a three-piece garage band influenced heavily by 90s gritty, in-your-face rock backed with loud guitars, heavy drums, and greasy-haired vocals. You know, they’re the style of vocals you’d expect at far-too-hot basement shows where the volume is cranked a bit too high and by band members who are a bit too high, fielding hair that hasn’t been washed in the greater part of a week and where sweat floats as freely as raindrops in the Pacific Northwest.

I think one of the big surprises, however, is that Sleepwalks hail from Australia. They say their three primary influences are 70s punk, 80s rock and the 1990s. Whether they’re talking about the band or the decade, I am not sure, but I will say that it all fits pretty well with the sound they’ve created. It’s loud and fun and if you go to a show you’ll probably want to take some cheap earplugs (and maybe an extra set, just in case).

“Pith”, the middle track on Sleepwalks’ self-released 3-song EP Clicks, is the standout. It has a catchy vocal part and a pointed guitar riff, both of which set the song above the others. “Negatives” and “Clicks”, however, are right behind.

Download: “Pith” by Sleepwalks

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