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Blips [Demo Reel]


I’m provided enough music to warrant several new areas to highlight – it’s something I hope to expand upon this year. One item I receive on occasion is the demo track. I’ve posted a few over the years, and it’s high time I made the demo its own feature. The first art to receive Demo Reel treatment is Köln, Germany’s Blips.

And what an appropriate name it is! It screams experimental electronica, and that’s what you get. There is an emphasis on beats here, one that is striking for the band’s experimental nature. “Chameleon Sushi” has a hip hop backing, but is instrumental. The music is mostly ambient, “Elbow Achilles” fitting that description more than the rest. Yet there’s still a viable focus on the beat.

The only track to add any vocals is “Blow My Nose”. Quite fitting, it becomes the favorite of the four passed my way. You can find it and “Chameleon Sushi” below.

Blips: Blow My Nose [mp3]
[audio:100120-blips-blow-my-nose.mp3|titles=Blow My Nose|artists=Blips]

Blips: Chameleon Sushi [mp3]
[audio:100120-blips-chameleon-sushi.mp3|titles=Chameleon Sushi|artists=Blips]

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