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Here’s a First: Salmon Thrasher Live!

salmon thrasher

Seattle is known for a few things. Fish is one, salmon in particular. Grunge in another. And then there’s rain. Salmon Thrasher, the latest (literally) garage band from The Emerald City, is a moniker that fulfills two out of three of those items. Apt title. So this news has is twofold: an introduction to the newest Seattle band, and the announcement of their first ever show.

It’s currently 8:13PM on Sunday, November 22 and the band has logged a total of two days on the wonderful online world known as MySpace. Likewise, they have a total of two friends. And two songs have been uploaded to their music player. Both have that Seattle garage sound, and both have the ability to rock your face.

The band has an interesting make-up. Evan and Justin are house sound engineers for Seattle’s hot indie venue Neumos, and Tara is a band-described “bad ass photographer” and also drums in the band What What Now (channeling a 90s indie rock sound).

So now you know a little about this brand new band, and you can go out and tell your friends that they’re pretty cool. If they’re cool too, bring them out to a show… Below the exclusive, never before heard track are the first ever Salmon Thrasher shows. Check them out, and grab “In A Balloon” exclusively here:

Salmon Thrasher: In A Balloon [mp3]
[audio:091130-salmon_thrasher-in_a_balloon.mp3|titles=In A Balloon|artists=Salmon Thrasher]

Salmon Thrasher’s First Ever Live Shows:

12/11: Cafe Racer in Seattle
12/20: Neumos in Seattle

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