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Guest Column: In Praise of 1973


Words and music by Jon Rooney, who records as Virgin Of The Birds.

To begin with a broad shot of dubious hyperbole, I declare that things have never been better than they were 1973. By things I mean popular art: art that was neither conventionally entertaining by modern tastes nor particularly coherent yet existed in some sort of hazy, avocado mainstream rather than the academy or the crevices of marginelia (sorry, Jazz). The early 1970’s, thanks to the persistent adolescent myopia of Baby Boomers and their now five decades of self-lionization, are often derided as being a hazy bummer – a depressing, cruel comedown from the halcyon days of Wavy Gravy and the war against the squares. In idealized retrospect, it doesn’t seem like there were any squares left by 1973. 1972 saw both Deep Throat and “Walk on the Wildside” become huge hits, signaling either a total collapse of traditional mores in the popular conscience or just a fashionable interest in lasciviousness. Either year, all bets were off by the following year.

Read More »Guest Column: In Praise of 1973

Glass Rock: Viva Radio’s Me+You Pt. 68


The latest artist to enter Viva Radio’s Me+You studio is Glass Rock and, as usual, we’ve got a sneak peek for you of their session. Their aptly titled debut, Tall Firs Meet Soft Location, defines the band’s make-up. Tall Firs coaxed Kathy Leisen, as the band puts it on MySpace, “out of retirement” to collaborate and create the band Glass Rock. And like those by Tall Firs, this album finds a home on Ecstatic Peace. Read More »Glass Rock: Viva Radio’s Me+You Pt. 68

Yarn Owl: Bicycle [Video & Exclusive mp3]


FensePost is excited to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek off the new Yarn Owl EP, Stay Warm, scheduled for release early next year. “Bicycle” is the name of the song, and it’s their catchiest track since “Yarn Blues”. Yarn Owl’s jangly guitars and dreamy folk-pop is emphasized by harmony vocals that echo in the band’s foreground. Read More »Yarn Owl: Bicycle [Video & Exclusive mp3]

Here’s a First: Salmon Thrasher Live!

salmon thrasher

Seattle is known for a few things. Fish is one, salmon in particular. Grunge in another. And then there’s rain. Salmon Thrasher, the latest (literally) garage band from The Emerald City, is a moniker that fulfills two out of three of those items. Apt title. So this news has is twofold: an introduction to the newest Seattle band, and the announcement of their first ever show. Read More »Here’s a First: Salmon Thrasher Live!

Candy Claws Online World Tour: Bellingham Premiere

An online tour: what a great concept. It allows a band with no means of world exploration (i.e. minimal cash, unacceptable transport, no Samsonite baggage, etc.) to tour the world through the eyes of blogs. FensePost is excited to premiere (for Bellingham and the rest of the world) the Candy Claws video for “Island Grows”. So come one, come all; see the wondrous Candy Claws, one of 2009’s hottest new acts, perform their songs acoustically in videos premiered on sites that span the world.

Read More »Candy Claws Online World Tour: Bellingham Premiere

The So So Glos: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 63


This week we bring you another, by way of Viva Radio’s Me + You, exclusive track. This time from Brooklyn tropical punk group The So So Glos. The song “Island Loops” is given somewhat of an acoustic makeover, dropping out a small amount of the percussion and the more ferocious aspects of the electric guitars. These brothers (yes, a band of brothers) take the tropical sound that seems to have defined early 2008 and then some, and give it a punk twist that is much more their own. You can hear it on “Island Loops”; it’s intrepid and nonchalant, relaxed and carefree. Read More »The So So Glos: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 63

Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt 62: The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes

Here’s a sneak peek for you who love rarities, exclusives and original material. And a bonus for those of you who dig radio in all its forms. The Raveonettes recently visited the Me + You studios for a Viva Radio spot and below you can hear the band performing their song “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)”. The session is Pt. 62 of Me + You, a live series that includes often funny and telling interviews with some of today’s hottest artists, conducted by host Ted Shumaker. The Raveonettes’ session airs at noon today on Viva Radio. Read More »Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt 62: The Raveonettes

Virgin Of The Birds: Dear Furies [FensePost Exclusive]

Virgin Of The Birds

We’re excited to exclusively premiere the sixth track of Virgin Of The Birds’ latest EP, Dear Furies, available only here on FensePost. The song features Jon Rooney’s growing focus of meshing his love for folk-pop with the obsession with classic underground films, like the classic works of Christopher Lee circa the 60s and 70s. Read More »Virgin Of The Birds: Dear Furies [FensePost Exclusive]

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