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Virgin Of The Birds: Dear Furies [FensePost Exclusive]

Virgin Of The Birds

We’re excited to exclusively premiere the sixth track of Virgin Of The Birds’ latest EP, Dear Furies, available only here on FensePost. The song features Jon Rooney’s growing focus of meshing his love for folk-pop with the obsession with classic underground films, like the classic works of Christopher Lee circa the 60s and 70s.

The progression Rooney has made since donning the moniker Virgin Of The Birds is quite astounding. Early on, VOTB possessed a Bejarian quality, but with his most recent EPs, Rooney is downplaying those sounds for one much more his own. And it shows throughout his latest EP, Dear Furies.

I know the guy; he’s the proprietor of Abandoned Love Records and he’s a mutual film buff — he’s opened my eyes to the extensive world of classic vampire movies (predating the modern craze). And these are traits you can hear in his songs. “Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant”, off Virgin of the Birds’ last EP, Every Rival, hit the mark in the literal sense. On Dear Furies, available for download today, the influence is subtle, quaint even, but entirely present.

“Spanish Accusations” has an old-time-y pop sound that would be the perfect accompaniment for an avant garde vampire flick from the 70s. Likewise could be said about “You Love It Loud” and “Here Comes The Summer”. The masterful sixth track on the EP, the one provided here exclusively, “Magic And Sincere” features plenty of acoustic and electric guitar, as well as an 80’s synth channeling a Hammond B3 and transistor organs. You can also hear clavinet and an analog synth.

Adding these instruments have birthed Virgin Of The Birds’ new sound, fleshed out the songs with unique depth and insight into Rooney’s world, one clever entirely its own. Download “Magic And Serene” exclusively below, and get the other five tracks from Dear Furies at Abandoned Love Records.

Virgin Of The Birds: Magic And Sincere [mp3]
[audio:090915-votb-magic_and_sincere.mp3|titles=Magic And Sincere|artists=Virgin Of The Birds]

Dear Furies by Virgin Of The Birds

Abandoned Love Records [Digital EP, 2009]

1. Spanish Accusations
2. You Love It Loud
3. Baby Let Me Trace You
4. Here Comes Summer Again
5. The Serpent Plume
6. Magic And Sincere

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