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Salmon Thrasher CD Discharge Party

Salmon Thrasher

It’s finally here — the Salmon Thrasher debut CD release party. Although they’re calling it a “discharge” party, which conjures all sorts of unpleasant images. But then again, they are a band named Salmon Thrasher, so what can you expect?. The debut album is called What Gives and you can pick it up over at their bankcamp page. The “Discharge Party” kicks off at 9pm this Saturday (April 17) at Blue Moon Tavern. The band will play with My Goodness and Police Teeth.

We premiered a demo from the album a number of months ago, and you can hear the mastered track below, along with another goody from What Gives.

The album is pretty solid. It’s harder than the other stuff I’ve heard from Justin Ripley, namely in the heavier electric guitar and percussion. But the songwriting and vocals reign in Ripley’s style of simple but effective tunes. Salmon Thrasher may not have caught the eye of many yet, but I assure you it will not remain this way long. They’ve already received press from my pals over at Sound On The Sound and Seattle Weekly.

So if you’re in Seattle this weekend, head out to Blue Moon to see Salmon Thrasher, well, thrash it up with some friends. And pick up What Gives while you’re at it.

Download: “In A Balloon” by Salmon Thrasher
[audio:100413-salmon-thrasher-in-a-balloon.mp3|titles=In A Balloon|artists=Salmon Thrasher]

Download: “What Gives” by Salmon Thrasher
[audio:100413-salmon-thrasher-what-gives.mp3|titles=What Gives|artsits=Salmon Thrasher]

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