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PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition


Yesterday we covered a new track from Portland folk outfit Death Songs called “Wounds” off the new PDX Pop Now! compilation. We talked a little bit about the band and the song, and had a few words to say about the organization as well. That wasn’t enough; it’s high time I let slip a little something — we here at FensePost have been quiet supporters of the Portland festival. Read More »PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition

Loch Lomond Band

Loch Lomond [Feature]

  • Cyndi 

I’ve been searching for a “perfect for a fall day” sound for a while now and with Loch Lomond I just might have found it.

Based in Portland, OR, a music Mecca that seems to be brimming with promising artists these days, Loch Lomond’s songs are swept with some-what Scottish lilted melodies and covered in strings and chimes; their music flows with a capacity for a sound that is breezy and grounded, clean and complex.

Read More »Loch Lomond [Feature]

Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]


Song, By Toad Records is a little label introduced to me by friend and FensePost favorite Jon Rooney (Virgin of the Birds, Abandoned Love Records). It all began as a blog based in Edinburgh which, like this blog, posts album reviews, various features and podcasts (coming soon to this blog). With each release containing between 300 and 500 handmade copies, the label, like the blog, is devoted to supporting their local scene but isn’t above giving a hefty nod to those across the globe. Read More »Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]

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