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Virgin Of The Birds

Virgin Of The Birds: Interview

For those unaware, Virgin Of The Birds is the brainchild of Seattle musician and Abandoned Love Records label head Jon Rooney. Virgin Of The Birds has a new album on the way late this month called Winter Seeds. I recently sat down with Rooney, with whom I’ve been acquainted since my discovery of The Lovely Sparrows back in 2006, to discuss the new release and what he’s been up to these days.

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Chicken And Veggies

On Air at KSVR: February 15, 2013 Playlist

I broke the rules this week on my very unoriginally titled radio show on KSVR Mount Vernon. The Indie Music Show featured a few tracks that are, quite distinctly, not even close to being indie. And one of them kicked off the show. It’s the new track by David Bowie called “Where Are We Now?” Shortly thereafter, I crossed the ocean for a set from France, where I played a track by famed singer and Masculin Feminin actress Chantal Goya and another by Serge Gainsbourg.

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Virgin Of The Birds: They Wake [Video]


There’s something about the music Virgin Of The Birds creates that is seemingly timeless. It’s absolute, in the present, yet it hints of a time long past. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the songs, with poppy guitar melodies and an ever consistent percussion. The songwriting is where complexity dominates; a lyrical prowess filled with story-like mystery. This mystery has dominated the library Virgin Of The Birds has built. And you can hear it thoughout “They Wake”. Read More »Virgin Of The Birds: They Wake [Video]

Guest Column: In Praise of 1973


Words and music by Jon Rooney, who records as Virgin Of The Birds.

To begin with a broad shot of dubious hyperbole, I declare that things have never been better than they were 1973. By things I mean popular art: art that was neither conventionally entertaining by modern tastes nor particularly coherent yet existed in some sort of hazy, avocado mainstream rather than the academy or the crevices of marginelia (sorry, Jazz). The early 1970’s, thanks to the persistent adolescent myopia of Baby Boomers and their now five decades of self-lionization, are often derided as being a hazy bummer – a depressing, cruel comedown from the halcyon days of Wavy Gravy and the war against the squares. In idealized retrospect, it doesn’t seem like there were any squares left by 1973. 1972 saw both Deep Throat and “Walk on the Wildside” become huge hits, signaling either a total collapse of traditional mores in the popular conscience or just a fashionable interest in lasciviousness. Either year, all bets were off by the following year.

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Virgin Of The Birds: Banquet Years [Album Review]

Virgin Of The Birds

Banquet Years is the third EP in a digital-only series of releases by Seattle-by-way-of-Austin’s Jon Rooney, the Virgin Of The Birds mastermind and proprietor of Abandoned Love Records. The album, containing five songs, finds Rooney further expanding his capabilities and musicianship. Opening track “Let Me Be Your Bride” demonstrates his folk-versatility, from the 60s-era bass guitar bop to the borderline experimental tinkering on the keys. Not to mention, the wicked guitar-work radiating in emotive psychedelic hypnosis. Read More »Virgin Of The Birds: Banquet Years [Album Review]

The Best EPs of 2009

FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Not surprisingly, this list is filled with EPs by quite a few bands you know and quite a few you probably don’t. Of the ones you don’t know, many are likely from Washington; a quick count leaves me with five bands, or 1/4 of this list. Many of these bands I consider among the most promising artists to surface in 2009. All are worth checking out, and you’ll want to keep an eye on them as we head into 2010.

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Levi Fuller

Levi Fuller Rolls Out ‘Ball Of Wax 18’ This Wednesday at Sunset

The Seattle DIY king (Levi Fuller) returns with his next Ball Of Wax comp. This time, it’s themed. Each song is between one and two minutes in length, hence the album’s name, Ball Of Wax 18: One Minute Singles. You’ll see some FensePost local favorites in there, including Levi Fuller (Mr. Seattle DIY himself), Virgin Of The Birds (pictured below), Dandelion Gold, Webelos, Open Fire Choir, and Poland. To celebrate its launch, there’s gonna be a SHOW!

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Virgin Of The Birds: Dear Furies [FensePost Exclusive]

Virgin Of The Birds

We’re excited to exclusively premiere the sixth track of Virgin Of The Birds’ latest EP, Dear Furies, available only here on FensePost. The song features Jon Rooney’s growing focus of meshing his love for folk-pop with the obsession with classic underground films, like the classic works of Christopher Lee circa the 60s and 70s. Read More »Virgin Of The Birds: Dear Furies [FensePost Exclusive]

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