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Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]


Song, By Toad Records is a little label introduced to me by friend and FensePost favorite Jon Rooney (Virgin of the Birds, Abandoned Love Records). It all began as a blog based in Edinburgh which, like this blog, posts album reviews, various features and podcasts (coming soon to this blog). With each release containing between 300 and 500 handmade copies, the label, like the blog, is devoted to supporting their local scene but isn’t above giving a hefty nod to those across the globe.

States Rooney about the label:

They’re building on the local Edinburgh scene (Meursault is fantastic) but they also put out a split 12″ with Loch Lomond and Builders and the Butchers. They’re linked to a great blog, put on house shows which they often record (I played a NYE show over there and it was awesome).

Here are a few gems from the Song, By Toad family. I didn’t spend too much time digging, so head over to their website and see what else you can find. (And if it’s really good, leave a comment so we can all go check it out!) Let’s go!

* * * * *


Nothing Broke by Meursault

Sometimes the best emotive music is that which is accompanied by a simple, folky acoustic guitar melody. Meursault bases that idea around “Nothing Broke”, the title track to their latest EP, then adorns it with various harmonium-like keys and piano tinkering. The result is absolutely haunting.

Meursault: Nothing Broke [mp3]
[audio:100208-meursault-nothing-broke.mp3|titles=Nothing Broke|artists=Meursault]

* * * * *


Split 12″ by Loch Lomond and The Builders And The Butchers

Of all the bands on Song, By Toad, it’s a bit of a surprise to see a pair like Loch Lomond and The Builders And The Butchers make the bill. But listening to the two bands alongside Edinburgh artists on the label and you can begin to see why the label chose to give these folks a release on the other side of the Atlantic. “Field Report” by Loch Lomond may be my favorite yet, and the same can be said about The Builders And The Butchers’ “Vampire Lake”. These Portland bands fit right in.

Loch Lomond: Field Report [mp3]
[audio:100208-loch-lomond-field-report.mp3|titles=Field Report|artists=Loch Lomond]

The Builders And The Butchers: Vampire Lake [mp3]
[audio:100208-builders-butchers-vampire-lake.mp3|titles=Vampire Lake|artists=The Builders And The Butchers]

* * * * *


Do You Feel Different Yet? by Maxwell Panther

Humanity has a way of being completely self-absorbed. Just face it, we’re narcissistic beings always ready to inflict more self-deprecation and invoke upon our fellow inhabitants more of our self-pity. Maxwell Panther knows this and exploits it; his music is fit for a Scottish barroom filled with three pints per body, and the promise of three times more where that came from. “Lost Soul On A Roll (That’s Me)” is off Maxwell Panther’s Do You Feel Different Yet?

Maxwell Panther: Lost Soul On A Roll (That’s Me) [mp3]
[audio:100208-maxwell-panther-lost-soul.mp3|titles=Lost Soul On A Roll (That’s Me)|artists=Maxwell Panther]

* * * * *


The Moth Trap by Nightjar

Nightjar fits in with a bluesy sort of Americana. From Edinburgh, this is not a band from the fields of America’s heartland, yet they do a great job meshing that sound with one a bit closer to their Scottish home. “Poor Man’s Son” is off Nightjar’s The Moth Trap. Think a minimalist bluegrass rendition of Neil Young meets Jason Molina.

Nightjar: Poor Man’s Son [mp3]
[audio:100208-nightjar-poor-mans-son.mp3|titles=Poor Man’s Son|artists=Nightjar]

1 thought on “Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]”

  1. Hmm, I think I owe Mr. Rooney a pint, don’t you! Thanks so much for this article – I’ll get some of our new releases over to you as well, if you’re interested – Loch Lomond, Meursault, Trips and Falls, and a collaboration between King Creosote, Meursault and Animal Magic Tricks.

    It’s going to be a crazy year, I think. You start something like this with no expectations at all, and before you know it you’re absolutely swamped with stuff to do and new and interesting projects to follow up. It’s all a bit mental, but really rewarding, so thanks again for the shout-out.

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