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Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]


If Sergeant Sparrow Records rings a bell to most of you avid FensePost readers, that may be because the work they have put out has been no stranger to our little world. The label’s owner/operator/lady in charge, Angel Russell, has been featured for her solo work (of which is absolutely phenomenal) and teammate Arman Augusto has been noted as well for his project The Walking. And if these posts still don’t ring a bell, that is a shame. But worry not ye weary ones, there is still time to save your indie soul. Read More »Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]

WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

WeePOP! Records

There is a growing underground force of pop labels releasing music on nontraditional formats. Of these formats, two prevalent ones, at least in the lo-fi pop and twee pop arenas, are cassette and the 3-inch single. Being such a strong fan of the genres that release via these formats, one would think I would have the ability to play them when they arrive in my mailbox. Unfortunately, I do not at this time. (But boy do I love receiving them!) WeePOP! Records releases via the latter and they’ve built a solid foundation of twee and lo-fi pop releases. Read More »WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

10 (ish) Reasons Why Sub Pop May Dominate 2010 [Label Spotlight In A List]

Earlier this week I noted in my review of Avi Buffalo that Sub Pop may very well dominate my end of year list, and that being notable as we near the 1/3 mark of 2010. After thinking about it, I figured it was time for another list in Label Spotlight form. Now, the typical Label Spotlight covers the unknown record collectives throughout the world, but as some of my favorite releases so far this year have come from Sub Pop, I figured What the hell… Let’s go for it!

Read More »10 (ish) Reasons Why Sub Pop May Dominate 2010 [Label Spotlight In A List]

Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]


Song, By Toad Records is a little label introduced to me by friend and FensePost favorite Jon Rooney (Virgin of the Birds, Abandoned Love Records). It all began as a blog based in Edinburgh which, like this blog, posts album reviews, various features and podcasts (coming soon to this blog). With each release containing between 300 and 500 handmade copies, the label, like the blog, is devoted to supporting their local scene but isn’t above giving a hefty nod to those across the globe. Read More »Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]

Label Spotlight: Beko Records


Modern forms of communication, if anything, have allowed the ability to spread awareness like wildfire. Case in point, this morning. Catching up on recent tweets, I noticed a link from Acid House Kings to a little something called Beko Records. I visited the site, downloaded all 25 current digital singles from the label, and began the task of checking them all out. Now I’m writing about it to let you know. And who knows where you’ll take it. So we begin.

Read More »Label Spotlight: Beko Records
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