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KSVR Radio Show: From a Garage on a Hot Summer Day

It’s summer here in Skagit, and that means the Farmer’s Market is back, it’s time for summer house projects, the Seattle to Portland bike ride is coming up, and the days are, quite frankly, way too long. Light at 4am, light until 10pm; it makes for some early mornings and late (yeah, I’m getting old) evenings. Summer also means less time for FensePost, so bear with me/the site. Especially during the month of July.

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Spring in the Skagit Valley

On Air at KSVR: March 8, 2013 Playlist

I received a message from Stuarto requesting I cover his show in the late afternoon hours of Friday, March 8. After a minute or two to think about it, I agreed. In all the times I’ve covered for his show over the past year and a half, I have never done a show that gives a nod to his show, which often features more mainstream music including a handful of tunes from the 60s and 70s. For March 8, I decided this needed to change.

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Sharon Van Etten on the Record Player

On Air at KSVR Mount Vernon: February 1, 2013 Playlist

I’ve been in a weird place musically of late. I’m a bit scattered, all over the map. My affinity for light, soft and playful folk has returned, but I’m also crushing on slacker pop and dream pop at the moment. Pretty hard, thank to bands like Darlings and Indians. I shouldn’t be surprised at this disjointedness; I have always had diverse desires when it comes to music and varied playlists like this one are a common occurrence.

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Jeremy Jay: Dream Diary [Album Review]


Jeremy Jay debuted on the scene in 2007 with singles for Airwalker and We Were There. I snagged both of those at the time, and I really enjoyed them. His debut LP, A Place Where We Could Go, too, was impressive. He then released a few more LPs and a few more singles, and that leads us to his fourth album, Dream Diary. Born and raised in California, Dream Diary has that state’s sound — it’s sunny, but it irks to get away from the cookie cutter nature rampant in suburbia. Read More »Jeremy Jay: Dream Diary [Album Review]

FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #1, From The Garage


So this is it, the first FensePost Podcast. A few weeks ago I sat down and compiled a mix of various songs; some new, some old, most finding some relation to garage rock or garage pop. Hence the title, From The Garage. The theme is loose, so some bands fit and some don’t. There are sixteen songs total here, stemming from local Seattle and Portland acts on across the world. New Zealand, Sweden, Canada… you get the picture. Enough banter — listen to the FenseCast already. Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #1, From The Garage

Jeremy Jay: Breaking The Ice [7″ Review]

Jeremy Jay

Jeremy Jay is an old soul. His young demeanor, as pictured on the cover of this lovely single, is much more mature than his age. Similarly, the music he makes spans an age much greater than his. The songs, while not necessarily theatrical, have a vivid visual element to them that assists in creating a quite expansive library of aesthetic features. Were Jim Morrison to have instead spent his time with the creatives in the Chelsea Hotel, he may have sounded like this. Read More »Jeremy Jay: Breaking The Ice [7″ Review]

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