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Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2011

This show began like any other, but without the transition difficulties. All was smooth. The music, on the other hand, was not. After a long, satisfying week, I was in need of some loud, abrasive rock music. But it wasn’t all like that. Due to the cold weather, I mixed in some beach pop, fuzzy dream pop and good old garage rock and pop.

Don’t forget to hit up the bottom of this post and listen to two tracks from the playlist!

“Torn Curtain” by Television off Marquee Moon
“Half Time At The Proper Name Spelling Bee” by Fishboy off Albatross

“Adversity” by Beach Fossils off What A Pleasure EP
“Out On The Highway” by Jeremy Jay off Dream Diary
“Pogo” by Eternal Summers off Pogo

“Let’s Fall Asleep Together” by Teen Daze off Beach Dreams
“Who Knows” by Bears off Who Knows (7-inch Single)
“We Can Do What We Want To” by The Blank Tapes off Home Away From Home

“Here Comes The Sunset” by Ryan Trott by Wild Wonder
“Death Rattles” by Woods off At Echo Lake
“In A While” by Beaches off Eternal Sphere

“Brat Mouth” by Hunters off Hands On Fire
“Sweet Sweet Mandi” by Bad Sports off Kings Of The Weekend
“Television Youth” by Sonic Avenues off Television Youth

“If This Is Love” by Darlings off Yeah I Know
“Prairie My Heart” by Harlem off Hippies
“Navajo” by The Black Lips off Good Bad Not Evil

“Beer League” by The Super Vacations off The Mystic Fortress Sessions Vol. 1
“Triple Eyed” by Son Of Rams off Frolics In The Pink EP
“Take My Hand” by Orca Team off Take My Hand EP

“Baby I’m Yours” by Math And Physics Club off Baby I’m Yours
“Rainy Saturday” by Brown Recluse off The Soft Skin
“No Retro” by Basemint off No Retro b/w Basemint Theme (7-inch Single)

“Within/Without” by LAKE off Giving & Receiving
“Take Me Somewhere” by Tennis off Tennis
“Strolling Past The Old Graveyard” by Gigi (feat. Karl Blau) off Maintenant

“The Velveteen Rabbit” by Patience Please off Parallel Plots
“No One Will Ever Know” by Family Trees off Dream Talkin’ (7-inch Single)

I love surprises, and The Super Vacations was just that. I returned home one day to find a lovely little 7-inch in my mailbox. The split single/EP featured two songs each by two bands. The first, I recognized: the amazing duo Eternal Summers. The second, a newbie, was The Super Vacations. “Beer League” is one of their two stellar tracks on this single.

For some reason, “Brat Mouth” was the song that stuck out to me on Hunters’ new EP, Hands On Fire. This is a little strange, as listening to the entire 5-song EP, they’re all pretty damn solid. This EP is the latest offering from Aagoo Records.

Listen: “Brat Mouth” by Hunters:

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