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Jeremy Jay: Breaking The Ice [7″ Review]

Jeremy Jay

Jeremy Jay is an old soul. His young demeanor, as pictured on the cover of this lovely single, is much more mature than his age. Similarly, the music he makes spans an age much greater than his. The songs, while not necessarily theatrical, have a vivid visual element to them that assists in creating a quite expansive library of aesthetic features. Were Jim Morrison to have instead spent his time with the creatives in the Chelsea Hotel, he may have sounded like this.

What’s striking is that each song Jeremy Jay touches possesses these highly visual and aesthetic qualities. Thus it is so on Breaking The Ice, a brief three-song single. “Breaking The Ice” is a true winner off Jay’s second LP, Slow Dance, while the alternate version of “Winter Wonder” is a more than viable b-side. The single concludes with a rare Buddy Holly cover; Jeremy Jay’s excellent rendition of “Words Of Love”, to which he lends his eccentric lo-fi dark pop mastery.

I’m continually astounded by the enchanting music Jeremy Jay puts out. It’s wise and just the right amount of emotive to evoke intense passion without being mopey and depressing. Instead, these songs come across as intelligent and astute. Jay is a true creative, and it shows in everything he does.

Breaking the Ice – Jeremy Jay

Breaking The Ice by Jeremy Jay

K Records [7″ Single, 2009]

1. Breaking The Ice
2. Winter Wonder
3. Words Of Love (Buddy Holly Cover)

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